What if Jesus Returned for an Interview?

What would Jesus say? Probably not what you think. In what may be the most powerful and influential book on Christianity ever written (yes, it’s that important!), “Wrestling with Jesus” is changing lives and perspectives everywhere.

Written in a style that is both simple and humorous, yet irresistibly compelling, “Wrestling” has Jesus returning to earth for a shockingly frank interview with a journalist from the Bible Belt. What transpires during this unexpected encounter in the forest will make the “The Da Vinci Code” seem tame by comparison.

“Wrestling with Jesus” is easily the single most important work on Christianity of the modern era. Though technically fiction, the book incorporates loads of riveting, academically factual and verifiable information that will forever alter for the better the average reader’s worldview.

One reviewer states: “… Wrestling with Jesus should be at the TOP of every Christian’s reading list” and “could really serve to change lives.”

But the book is not just for Christians. People of all faiths, or no faith at all, will each find nuggets of wisdom, revelation and metaphysical inspiration within the pages of “Wrestling with Jesus.”

A truly essential read for every serious seeker, “Wrestling with Jesus” was recently dubbed by a southern contemplative monk as “an instant worldwide classic.” It should be required reading for aspirants (especially current and former Christians) across the globe.

To quote a minister from the American south: “To practice Christianity without having this critical information would be like sailing without knowing the basics of marine navigation. If you’re a Christian, or just merely interested in the Christian religion, this book is absolutely essential. It’s both highly enlightening and liberating all at once. Until you’ve read it, you don’t understand the very foundation of the faith. If enough people read it, this book will change the world—and its spiritual and metaphysical teachings alone will likely change yours.”

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