Maylor and his buddy Jesus have a field day--and a revelation of spiritual meaning--deconstructing the traditional Christian doctrine of Jesus as the sacrificial scapegoat who saves mankind by appeasing Yahweh's wrath with his crucifixion... the analysis makes great sense AND offers a much better interpretation of "salvation." ...The message of this real meaning of Christianity rings true... is logical and appealing and inspiring... reads fast and it's hard to put down because there are just so many good ideas rushing by... This is a marvelous book... I loved it  and want to recommend it.  --Toby Johnson, author of The Myth of the Great Secret

... I can honestly say that D.K. Maylor's book is a must-read for all serious Christians ... Maylor's "interview" with Jesus ... is ... gripping in that it looks at various aspects of Christianity with a "new pair of eyes," and some of what is covered in this engaging dialogue will certainly cause the reader to reconsider some of the outrageous claims dished out by religion over the centuries.  -- M.G.K., England

A monumental work! I received the book on Tuesday and began reading. I read the first 83 pages and did not want to stop. Excellent research, humor, history, and mind-altering views of a political church. As a person raised as a Christian, I consider this a real gift to put spirituality back into life. D.K. Maylor has done a fantastic job of bringing clarity to a very sensitive and vital part of existence. - P. Huffington, M.D., Texas

D.K. Maylor's debut novel is a delight to read, and it did what few books have done for me: it exceeded my expectations. The first thing I encountered after opening the book is a fantasy set and a heavy dose of D.K. Maylor's humor entwined with serious thought that weaves a dialogue that quickly becomes a page-turner and never fails to maintain a serious and significant trajectory. - JM Perry, NYC

In a humorous and at times irreverent discourse with our great Master, Jesus, D.K. Maylor has articulated the profound confusion that many of us feel when trying to grasp the underlying "facts" of the Bible. ... This is a must read for Christians and non-Christians who want to better understand the underlying spiritual message as given to us by Jesus. - Suzan, New Jersey

This book has answered so many questions that I've had since I was a young girl... Reading this book has been a delight! To hear Jesus humorously speak the very thoughts and questions I've had made me laugh, feel free, and very joyful, and so greatful to D. K. Maylor for "interviewing" Jesus and writing this book.                              --  Juanita from Columbia, South America

A new book by D.K. Maylor, Wrestling with Jesus, endeavors to answer that question.

In the most important and controversial work since The Da Vinci Code, Wrestling with Jesus has Christianity's "founder" appearing from a secluded forest in the deep south to grant an interview to a journalist from the Bible Belt.

What transpires during this mystical encounter will have people everywhere—Christian or otherwise—seriously questioning the church's centuries-old story about a heaven-sent godman descending to earth to die for a sinful humanity.

Maylor and Jesus spend an entire day by a river in the woods discussing, in a most hilarious fashion, topics such as:


  • Why does the Bible God always require the spilling of innocent blood before He can allow Himself to forgive?
  • Why didn't God create everyone perfect, as He supposedly did with Jesus?
  • How can God be loving if He tortures non-believers forever in a place called "hell"?
  • Was Jesus really born of a virgin? Why didn't he ever mention it?
  • Does the Old Testament really predict the birth of a godman? Does it truly foretell of his "resurrection"?
  • If God and Jesus are one, did God essentially commit suicide by allowing Jesus to be killed?
  • Why didn't God place everyone in heaven the moment He created them? Why send them to earth first?
  • Why did God create hell long before Jesus' birth? Did He have doubts that Jesus' mission would succeed?


And there's lots more within the pages of Wrestling with Jesus. For example, you'll learn..


  • A brief but shocking exposé on the outrageously bloody and ungodly history of the papacy and its curious lack of biblical support
  • Why, if the New Testament is accurate, only a tiny fraction of people will be "saved"
  • Why New Testament authors can't agree on the basics of what constitutes "salvation" or even on how Jesus died
  • How a brutal and murderous Roman dictator was partly responsible for shaping The Nicene Creed
  • How early Christian writers shamelessly twisted Jewish scriptures to suit their own evangelical purposes (learn the truth about the "virgin birth"!)
  • What Jesus meant when he stated, "The kingdom of God is within you."
  • The meaning of "enlightenment" and how Jesus' teachings relate to it directly
  • The real meaning of the word "Christian" (Most Christians don't know!)
  • How the church sold the idea that the Bible is without error and why they deliberately called it "holy"
  • How the average Christian knows almost nothing about the Bible's compilation and evolution

These are just a few of the scores and scores of fascinating and crucial points discussed in the pages of Wrestling with Jesus—easily the single most important work on Christianity of the modern era! To quote one reader, "Until you've read it, you don't know Jack about Jesus!"



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